Equipping ELLs: Beth’s Top 10 Teaching Tips

10 tips for teaching ELLs
Whether you need a jumping off point or a mid-year refresher, teacher, this episode is for you! Let’s hear Beth’s TOP 10 TEACHING TIPS FOR TEACHERS OF ELLS!

It’s our 100th episode of the Equipping ELLs podcast, and host Beth Vaucher wants to sum up the essentials for educators seeking to empower and support ELLs. Let’s dive in!

1. Relationships are key: Beth emphasizes the pivotal roleyeezy sneakers μπουφαν γυναικειο speed x cordura cadena seguridad para moto mallas para hombre nike mallas para hombre nike veste femme pied de poule marron sbloccare oblo lavatrice ariston nike technical cross body bag cheap jerseys miroir terzo škare za plastične cijevi nike daybreak uomo cadena seguridad para moto Purchase Iowa rugby uniforms, Iowa olive jerseys, Iowa rugby shoes, and other accessories koaxialní kabel hornbach of building relationships with ELL students, underscoring that trust and support pave the way for successful language learning.

2. Body language is the first language learned. Recognizing the importance of non-verbal cues, Beth stresses the significance of welcoming and friendly body language, as it serves as a foundational language for ELLs entering a new educational environment. A smile really does go a long way.

3. Start simple, and then add on. Simplicity in teaching methods coupled with gradual complexity allows students to acclimate to the learning process without feeling overwhelmed, ensuring a solid foundation for future learning. This structure of starting simple will also help you to build confidence!

4. Give oracy the airtime it deserves. Beth highlights the criticality of fostering ample opportunities for students to focus on listening and speaking. Literacy will come easier when you give time and focus to oracy.

5. If you don’t know where to start, start with a picture and a sentence stem. Starting with visuals and sentence prompts helps reduce barriers to expression and enables students to communicate effectively even with limited language proficiency. Later, add more scaffolds to your toolbox! (Check out our podcast episodes focused on scaffolding!)

6. Celebrate small achievements to help your students move forward in their language journey. Recognizing and celebrating minor milestones greatly encourages students, contributing to their confidence, motivation, and continued progress in the language learning journey. Remember, this language journey doesn’t end with a standardized test. This is a lifelong journey with so many great benefits!

7. Advocate for your students, and help them embrace their own story. Beth emphasizes the role of teachers as advocates, not just in the educational aspect but also in fostering pride and confidence in students’ multilingual abilities.

8. You can’t do it all, so be really intentional at the things you do. Beth underscores the impact of teachers’ self-belief on students’ success, highlighting that teacher confidence and belief in their abilities significantly influence the learning environment.

9. You are an incredible teacher. Acknowledging the multitude of demands placed on teachers, Beth stresses the importance of focusing on strategies and practices that have the most impact on students’ language development.

10. Make learning fun! Lastly, Beth encourages a fun, engaging, and interactive learning environment through the integration of music, games, and interactive methods that facilitate a dynamic and enjoyable language learning experience.

These 10 teaching tips serve as a comprehensive guide for educators aiming to support ELLs, offering practical insights to create a nurturing and effective learning environment. These insights not only enhance language learning but also foster a sense of belonging and confidence among English Language Learners. Tune in to the full episode above!

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We all know that teaching isn’t easy, but it doesn’t have to be this hard. Equipping ELLs is a podcast for both ESL specialists and homeroom teachers who are looking for effective and engaging ways to support their English Language Learners without adding to their endless to-do list. Tune in each week to hear tips, strategies, and inspirational stories that will empower you to better reach your ELL students, equip them with life-long skills, and strengthen relationships with colleagues and parents.

Your host, Beth Vaucher, is the founder of Inspiring Young Learners. She is an ESL certified homeroom teacher with over 10 years of experience teaching in the US and internationally. Her background of M.Ed in ESL and Curriculum and Instruction combined with her experience has led her to develop a bestselling newcomer curriculum that has sold in over 90 countries around the globe. She brings a different perspective to teaching ELLs from her years teaching and living abroad and working with ELLs from around the world. You will walk away from each episode with the ideas and tools you need to transform your experience as a teacher and cultivate a thriving and welcoming environment for your ELL students.



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