Bridging Cultures in Education: A Conversation with Andrea Bitner

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As teachers of ELLs, we want every student to feel welcomed, safe, loved. We want every child to succeed. We want to celebrate diversity and admire the gift our students have in speaking multiple languages!

Navigating diverse perspectives and creating inclusive learning spaces can be a daunting task, because the stakes are high!

In episode 99 of the Equipping ELLs podcast, we are thrilled to welcome Andrea Bitner to the show. Currently in her 23rd year of teaching, Andrea is also a speaker and author. Her book Take Me Home tells the true inspiring story of 11 former students who give a first hand account of what it’s really like be become bilingual in America. Andrea is passionate to share the truth that learning a second language is an asset, not a handicap.checkerboard vans ochre golf męski zara golf męski zara tapis de reception gonflable raptor dlm382 sbloccare oblo lavatrice ariston cheap jerseys brandon aiyuk youth jersey brandon aiyuk jersey adidas yeezy shoes brandon aiyuk youth jersey babyphone mit alexa verbinden nike air max aliexpress comprar fatos de treino adidas baratos nfl jersey sales

In this conversation with Andrea we delve into the challenges and victories we face in educating multilingual learners. Andrea’s insights are invaluable. Throughout our dialogue, she shares profound strategies and personal anecdotes, illuminating the delicate relationship between culture and education. Her wealth of experience and passion for this subject resonates profoundly, making this episode a beacon for educators navigating similar paths. Andrea’s approach to bridging culture and education is not only enlightening but also actionable for all educators seeking to cultivate inclusive, supportive environments for their ELLs.

Understanding the Power of Connection and Proactive Engagement: One of the central themes of Andrea’s teaching approach is the proactive establishment of connections with students and their families. She emphasizes the importance of engaging with parents to gain insight into the students’ backgrounds, needs, and strengths, considering parents as vital sources of information to better support ELLs. She also shares the benefits of connecting ELL students across grade levels and even between buildings.

Creating Inclusive Environments:  She highlights the need for fostering awareness among students and educators about the rich diversity of cultures and languages represented in the classroom. Through initiatives like Bring a Friend to Class Day and incorporating cultural flags in the school, Andrea encourages the celebration and sharing of different cultures, foods, and languages. These efforts work toward reducing the isolation ELLs might feel by promoting positive conversations and respect for their differences.

Resilience and the Human Spirit: Through the personal stories shared in Andrea’s book, she illuminates the resilience and unyielding spirit of our ELLs. She emphasizes that lack of language never equates to lack of intelligence. She highlights the crucial role of a supportive community in the success of these students, advocating for a broader perspective (binocular thinking) rather than a narrow view (microscope thinking) when assisting multilingual learners.

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