Supporting Our English Language Learners through the Art of Linguistic Scaffolding with Dr. Lillian Ardell

Dr. Lillian Ardell ESL Scaffolding
Let’s talk about effective linguistic scaffolding for our ELLs!

Teaching ELLs rocks, but let’s be real, it can also be a bit of a puzzle. Finding that sweet spot between giving support and letting ELLs soar independently is a challenge that many educators face. In this episode of the Equipping ELLs podcast, we welcome to the show, Dr. Lillian Ardell. Dr. Ardell is a bilingual ed coach, staff developer, & biliteracy advocate. She provides teacher workshops, coaching, and more through her company: Language Matters.callaway reva femme hängemattengestell preisvergleich scarpe eleganti senza lacci Purchase college team jerseys at a discounted price and of high quality tp link remote control logitech c270 microphone not working converse blanche et doré basket léopard femme brandon aiyuk youth jersey meilleur lampe uv callaway reva femme sbloccare oblo lavatrice ariston nike technical cross body bag játék hajszárító árukeresö golf d 

So let’s dive in to linguistic scaffolding and an underemphasized hero: oracy. Because together they can revolutionize your ELL classroom!

The Power of Linguistic Scaffolding: Building a Solid Language Foundation
Linguistic scaffolding is like the secret sauce of language teaching. It’s about giving students temporary support – think training wheels – to help them grasp the English rollercoaster. These supports come in all shapes and sizes, from vocab lists to handy sentence starters. The goal? Move those ELL students up the language ladder, one step at a time.

Oracy: The Missing Puzzle Piece in ELL Education
Now, here’s a word that deserves more stage time: ORACY (formal instruction in speaking and listening). It’s all about boosting your students’ oral language skills. In a classroom where oracy rules, your ELL students become fearless communicators. They’re not just thinking in English; they’re speaking it, living it. Literacy (formal instruction of reading and writing) has been the name of the game, but we’d like to encourage you to give ORACY the focus first.

Embrace Change: Infusing Oracy and Linguistic Scaffolds in Your Classroom
Here’s the scoop, teachers: you can gradually introduce these concepts into your classroom. Start with linguistic scaffolds to give your ELL students the boost they need. Then, make way for oracy, where they can flex their vocal muscles, become master communicators, and embrace their English journey with confidence.

Teaching ELL students isn’t about spoon-feeding them – it’s about arming them with the tools they need to conquer the language world. Linguistic scaffolds can be incredibly helpful, when used correctly. By weaving effective scaffolding strategies into your classroom tapestry, you’ll watch your students unlock the language and embark on a thrilling journey to language mastery.

We hope you’ll check out the full episode above. Dr. Lillian Ardell offers SO much wisdom and experience for the ESL teacher! To find out more about Dr. Ardell and Language Matters, check out the links below.

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