The lesson plan framework that will streamline the lesson planning process and support ELLs


The reality is, you can’t do it all. I know many times we try, but after awhile the burn out begins, the stress rises, and when the alarm goes off in the morning we just want to keep hitting snooze.

I think a big part of the burn out for teachers is the amount of time spent trying to figure out what to teach to their students. It’s one thing if you have a set curriculum that you are told to follow, but that is usually not the case for meeting the language needs of your ELL students.

In my experience, I remember spending hours after school trying to plan and prepare for the upcoming days ahead only to try to execute and get flustered, scattered, and would change my plans in the moment.

This was not sustainable and honestly a waste of my time to “be busy” but never really make any forward progress.

I needed a clear plan and framework that would help me plug in the content I was covering.

So, to help you not walk the same path I did, I’m sharing with you one my video lessons from my course ELL Strategy Academy. I will walk you through a 4 step lesson planning framework to help you then plug in your content easily.

We will cover

  • how to define your purpose for the lesson
  • how to write language objectives
  • how to choose what scaffolds to use
  • how to add in quick check-ins.

It’s a pretty action packed 12 minutes!

Check out the video and make sure to download your free PLAN lesson plan template!


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