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Roles of Teachers for Online Learning
Practice English at Home BINGO
Challenge your students to keep up their English at home with this fun BINGO game!
Bilingual Bookmarks for Reading at Home
Looking for a way to encourage your parents to read with their students at home? These bilingual bookmarks will help!
Check-in Sticky Notes
These sticky notes are a great way to check in on student comprehension at the end of the lesson.
Name Tags
Make sure you are saying your student's names right with these fun QR Code name tags!
Everything You Need for EL Newcomers
This program covers listening, speaking, reading, and writing from the start! Your newcomers will love the fun activities created at their language level!
Essential Words Lapbook
This English Vocabulary Lapbook will be so useful for your newcomers to have visuals right at their fingertips!
Digital Centers for ELLs
Looking for independent practice for your ELLs? These digital centers are voiced over so the students can listen and learn without you sitting there!
Listen and Learn Centers
If you have access to a QR Scanner, these independent listening centers will boost your students listening abilities whichever language level your students are at.
Speaking and Writing Cards
Finding ways to promote conversation can be difficult, but using these speaking cards will help with fun and engaging real life pictures!
Welcome Book for New Students
Have materials ready before the first day. Just print these welcome books and be prepared for whenever you get a new student!
School Vocabulary Booklets
Your students will enjoy reading these vocabulary focused stories along with the activities that come along with it. They will also enjoy coloring the different vocabulary words included.
EL Acronym Cheat Sheet
Sometimes you just need a reference guide for all those acronyms used!
Newcomer Preparation Checklist
Checklists are a great way to help you feel prepared and your newcomer students to successfully start school. Check out these different ways to prepare for a newcomer student in your classroom.
Different Levels of ELLs
A quick reference to the different levels of ELLs you may have in your classroom and easy ways to differentiate for them.
Do you teach English online? Props and extension activities are essential for smooth lessons and student engagement. Grab this starter pack to get started!
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