The 5 Best Apps for Translations

Whether it's trying to communicate with parents or having a non-English student work on an assignment, translation apps can save the day! (I pretty much rely on mine every single day!)

Check out 5 of the best apps to help you for any type of translation!

1. Google Translate

This is my go to for everyday needs and as someone who is pretty fluent in Spanish, I would say the accuracy has definitely improved over time. I also love the camera feature that allows you to hover over a written text, and it will automatically translate it for you. (Kind of creepy, but really amazing at the same time!) What's also a great feature is the conversation button. This button can allow two speakers of different languages to be speaking and for simultaneous translations to occur so that a conversation can be understood by both parties. Imagine how helpful this would be in conferences!

2. Remind!

Remind is a free service to use to directly email the parents of your students. What is wonderful about this app is that fact that once you have your email written, you can translate it into any language with just the press of a button! This is a simple way to make sure the parents in your classroom are receiving the information you are sending in a way that they can understand!

3. Talking Points

If you prefer to communicate through text messages (directly from your computer to their phone), talking points is a great app for you! They have a free version that provides everything a classroom teacher would need, or you can purchase a plan if you want some of the extra perks. Talking points will help increase a positive home/school connection when you know your message is being received in their native language.

4. Papago In my opinion Papago has two great benefits. First, if you have a large population of Asian students, this is a great website to bookmark and use. The second benefit, is the fact that you can type in any website and it will translate the website into that language. Imagine all the ways you can use that with your newcomer students!

5. ITranslate

Translate is a great app for speaking and instantly having translations to over 40 different languages. What's also great about this app is the phrasebook that comes with it to help give you a place to begin with common phrases you might need to use with your students or parents often. It's definitely a handy app to keep on your phone, and have available for the parent phone call you need to make or to solve a dispute on the playground!

What others apps/websites have been helpful to communicate

with non-English speaking families?

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