5 of my Favorite Books to Welcome ELLs Back to School

Books are one of the most powerful ways to have discussions and bring up topics that build community. Below you will find 5 of my favorite that will specifically help English language learners feel welcomed, appreciated, and understood.

1.Carmen Learns English By: Judy Cox

I came across this at the library last year and completely fell in love! It is the perfect book to read with newcomers or beginner ELLs and for them to see their fears and worries are understood!

Click here to get a copy!

2. Alma By: Juana Martinez-Neal

Many times students come to the US and feel worried about their name and how people will pronounce it, but this book helps to bring a beautiful message about where Alma's name came from and why it is so important! It brings up an important discussion of names and respecting how to say each other's name correctly.

Click here to grab a copy!

3. The Name Jar By: Yangsook Choi

This story is a similar story to Alma, and better for older students to read. I love that it focuses on the Korean culture, and helps students to understand the point of view of what it feels like to be a new student in America.

Click here to grab a copy!

4. All Are Welcome By: Alexandra Penfold

All Are Welcome is a beautiful story that helps students see they have an important place in the school by being exactly who they are created to be!

Click here to grab a copy!

5. I am Human By: Susan Verde

I Am Human is a great read for students to see the daily struggles and celebrations for all people and to help show them their place in this world!

Click here to grab a copy!

What books do you always start the year off with?

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