Juntos Podemos- Together We Can

“Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, What are you doing for others?”

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

I have had the wonderful opportunity of spending time at a school here in Panama that is located right in the middle of a slum. The students who attend the school are from the slum surrounding the school and come from backgrounds that are beyond imagination to most of us. These students have taken a hold of my heart and given me a passion to help unlock a passion in each one of them for learning.

The school is called, Juntos Podemos which in English stands for Together We Can, and that is exactly what it will take to help these students have a chance to succeed- all of us coming together in our individual giftings to help support, love, and encourage the teachers, staff and students.

Currently, I am working on weekly professional development opportunities to help train the teachers and give them easy to use strategies with their not so easy to teach students. Unfortunately, the universities here in Panama do not have student teaching opportunities so the majority of these teachers go directly into the classroom after graduation without having any practice! It is also common practice for teachers to learn that strict order is more important than student engagement so most lessons are copying from the board in straight rows without talking. (Think back to the old school way of teaching!)

So myself and many other amazing educators and non profits are trying to do our part here to help teachers break free from the mold and bring new strategies and methods into the classroom.

I will continue updating about my journey of helping at Juntos Podemos, other amazing ministries and non-profits to check out, and opportunities for YOU to come use your talents to help out this needy school!

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