5 Ways Inspiring Young Learners Can Help YOU!

“Come to get inspired, Leave ready to Inspire Young Learners.”

Teaching is by far the most difficult profession and continues to become more demanding each year! One of the main reasons I began this journey was to be able to help educators who are overwhelmed, unsupported, and in need of great curriculum! I was that overwhelmed teacher and it just seemed like the piles kept adding on but nothing was being taken off. You can trust that Inspiring Young Learners keeps the teacher in mind to help ease the burden, give you the support you need, and keep prep time to a minimum so you can check off other things on your to do list!

Here are 5 ways Inspiring Young Learners will help support YOU!

1. Help take some of the burden off you!

This truly is a passion of mine, so please don’t hesitate to email me if you have a way I can help take some of the items off your plate or if you come across something in the product that is unclear and you need further explanation! I'm here to help!

2. Keeping students the focus:

The sad reality is that educational decisions are constantly being made by people who have never stepped in the classroom, and so often what is best for and researched base is not being implemented! My desire is to keep students the center at all that I do, and do find ways to create fun and engaging activities while still developing thoughtful and lifelong learners.

3. A mix of different teaching styles:

I have been very blessed to have had the opportunity to work in very extreme teaching conditions. I began teaching in a low income school in the suburbs of Chicago where I learned all things ELL, SIOP training, WIDA, RtI, Daily 5, using set curriculum and how to work with students who were well below grade level. I loved this experience and feel it truly set the foundation of who I am as an educator, but my beliefs weren’t set in stone yet. After a few years I transitioned out of the country and into a very expensive private International Baccalaureate School. I had never heard of the IB program or what it consisted of, but I quickly realized how much my experience was lacking due to the lack of exposure to this program. IB in an inquiry driven program that focuses more on developing thinkers, leaders, listeners, and gives ample opportunities to give students choice in their learning. I was astonished at the engagement level of the students when they were interested in the topic as well as when the unit of inquiry poured itself naturally into the other disciplines and the subjects. Between these two experiences, I have formed a better, more open minded philosophy of teaching and here you will find the best of both brought together!

4. Fresh Ideas and Easy to Implement Strategies:

There are so many incredible educators that are leading the field in new ideas and ways to challenge and reach students, but often I found myself sticking to the same routine because of lack of time and brain power to take on something new. So often just hearing someone mention a strategy, even if it was one I had already heard of, sparked an idea in me of how I could implement that in my classroom with my students. Here you will find exactly that, tons of strategies, maybe some new and maybe some that you've already heard of, but ones that are guarantee to be meaningful and purposeful with your students.

5. Research Based and Best Practices Curriculum:

The curriculum you will find here have stemmed from needs I have had with my own students and then through research and well though out plans the new curriculum is created. My desire is for you to feel confident that the information you find here will be relevant, accurate, and helpful to your students and will give you the success you are hoping for!


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