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"The best part is when you start seeing the positive effects after working with just the first week of one unit... I had a student who was so shy and did not speak a word of English. She used to be reluctant to come to my class. Now, she jumps up when I come to pick her up, and has already started to use the vocabulary words she learned. Her eyes light up every time she can use those words in a sentence and is always excited about what I have planned for her each class."

— Abeer, ESOL Teacher

ELL Resources

MEGA Bundle- Everything You Need For ELL Newcomers

Feeling overwhelmed with your new Non-English student? Not sure where to begin? The MEGA Bundle will provide you with everything you need to give hours of engaging support to your ELL students! The MEGA Bundle includes Everything You Need for ELL Newcomers Bundle, Digital Centers for independent practice, English Proficiency Assessment in English and Spanish, and the Essential Words Lap Book. 

Everything You Need for ELL Newcomers

Are you a classroom teacher that has been given a new student that speaks very little or no English? Are you a first year ESL/ELL teacher not sure how to best support your students? Are you looking for a program that will give your ELL students a strong foundation to quickly and confidently flourish in the English language? Are you looking for a way to reach your Non English students and help them to feel welcomed and supported in your classroom? 

This program has been created to support any teacher or assistant who is in need of quality lessons that will give your ELL students the tools necessary to begin learning English. It is made with newcomer students in mind so that you can create a loving and encouraging environment for these students so that instead of being fearful of school, they feel excited to be at school. 

This curriculum aligns with the WIDA Framework and will give your ELL students authentic practice with the English language through listening, speaking, reading and writing from the start! This curriculum is filled with interactive and engaging activities to promote confidence and excitement to embrace this new language. 

Digital Centers for ELL Newcomers

Finding independent activities that are fun and engaging for Non-English speakers can be difficult... until now! 

Digital Centers for ELL Newcomers is engaging, interactive, and filled with all the skills needed to build a solid foundation in English. The best part is each slide is read aloud for newcomers students to have authentic opportunities to practice listening comprehension without having to have a teacher with them. 

Listen and Learn: Independent Listening Practice

Building a strong listening comprehension and teaching students to become active listeners is one of the most important pieces to the ELL puzzle. These centers do exactly that by scaffolding weekly vocabulary and using a voiced over reading to promote active listening and response. 

Monthly Speaking and Writing Cards

Conversation is key to the success of your ELL students. How are you promoting conversation in your classroom? Check out these Monthly Speaking and Writing Cards with vivid and engaging pictures to help promote conversation and learn new vocabulary. Each month includes 20 differentiated speaking cards that can be printed or used on Google Slides. 

FREEBIE- Unit 1, Week 1

Has the Everything you Need for ELL Newcomers Bundle sparked your interest, but you aren't exactly sure if this program will work with your students? Then head over to my store and try the first week for FREE! I want you to feel confident and sure about what you are purchasing so test it out and see how your students and you like the program! 

FREEBIE- ELL Newcomer Welcome Book

One of the most important jobs of teachers to newcomers is to set an environment that helps your non-english speakers feel comfortable and welcome from the first day. I wanted to share this welcome book with you so that you can have prepared a fun activity for your newcomer student, as well as help them become acquainted to your classroom, school, and new surroundings. It is a scary experience, but having this freebie prepared for them will help your students know you are for them and will help make school a wonderful place! 

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English Language Proficiency Assessment

Are you looking for a way to assess the English proficiency of your ELL/ESL students? Do you want to gain a better understanding of exactly what level they are at in listening, speaking, reading, and writing? Are you looking for an entrance assessment that enables you to know what level of language support a student needs? This ELL Assessment covers all 4 language domains to help you gain the information you need without exhausting your second language student!It is quick and easy to use, but will provide you with a wealth of information. Rubrics are provided for each assessment to know exactly how to score and what level corresponds with the total correct. 

Common Core Aligned Benchmark Assessment for K and 1

Are you looking for ONE assessment that allows you to test your students in writing, language, reading, math, speaking and listening enabling you to have a comprehensive overview of each student? Are you looking for ONE assessment that you can use throughout the year to monitor your students and track their growth? 

This Common Core Aligned Benchmark Assessment is exactly that! This assessment is set up to be used three times throughout the year to monitor student progress and to give you knowledge of how to differentiate for each of your students. 

The assessment it is NOT your traditional paper and pencil test. It is designed for the more active learner in mind with engaging and interactive assessments to keep your students attention the entire time. This assessment was structured and designed for administering on a one to one basis as opposed to whole group. 

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Animals and Habitats Bundle

Animals and habitats instantly catch the attention of most students so why not capture that excitement through engaging activities that promote inquiry, research, and higher level thinking skills? Included in this Bundle are mini units on rainforests, oceans, deserts, arctic, and grasslands as well as an overview on habitats. Each unit is filled with information about the features and characteristics of the animals that live in those habitats and how they have adapted or protected themselves in order to survive. 

Growth Mindset Sticky Notes

There is so much power behind growth mindset and helping your students overcome obstacles, but what does this look like in your classroom daily? How can you make sure your students are reflecting and going deeper in this area? 

The Growth Mindset: Reflection Sticky Notes are an excellent way to give your students ample amounts of opportunities to learn how to help their brain muscles and overcome challenges and obstacles in their path. 

Included in this product are 12 different growth mindset reflections that can be printed out onto sticky notes for easy and quick use. The sticky notes can then easily be added to your growth mindset bulletin board or have the students stick them to their work to keep for a portfolio. You can also print the reflections onto colored paper and create Growth Mindset Reflection Rings for each student to use when working independently. 

Guided Reading Sticky Notes

Are you looking for a way to bring more engagement during your guided reading or independent reading time? Are you focusing on a certain reading skill that you want your students to look for in their reading? This Guided Reading Sticky Notes will help you do exactly that! Included are 12 different templates to help your students practice and apply the different reading strategies that you have been working on when working in a guided reading group or independently. Also included are 6 templates for the teacher to use to record observations of student progress. 

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