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An Easy 3-Step Framework to Build a Strong Foundation for Teaching ELLs

Over my years of teaching ELLs, I have found that there are three essential steps you need to put in place in order to see them grow and succeed, and in order for you to feel more confident in teaching. And the great thing is--these three steps are not difficult! Once you have this framework, you'll see just how much easier it is to make sure you're doing what you need to do to help your ELLs succeed. Why is it important that we shift our mindset to support ELLs in the classroom? According to the National Center for Education Statistics, the number of ELLs is around 10% of the student population across the country and rising. ELLs are our future. Imagine, then, the incredible opportunity we

5 Distance Learning Resources for English Language Learners

1. Blended Learning Mega Bundle for ELL Newcomers A question I know many of you are asking is, "what materials can you start the year with that will seamlessly transfer when you go back into the classroom?" The Blended Learning Mega Bundle is your answer! These resources will give you daily lesson plans to know what to teach your ELL Newcomers PLUS provides digital supports for online classroom activities and independent work. You can find a free sample here or you can go here to buy it from Teachers Pay Teachers. 2. Digital Centers for Older ELLs Another question I'm frequently asked is, "Do you have materials for older ELLs? Something that isn't too babyish?" And the answer is yes: the Dig


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