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The 5 Best Apps for Translations

Whether it's trying to communicate with parents or having a non-English student work on an assignment, translation apps can save the day! (I pretty much rely on mine every single day!) Check out 5 of the best apps to help you for any type of translation! 1. Google Translate This is my go to for everyday needs and as someone who is pretty fluent in Spanish, I would say the accuracy has definitely improved over time. I also love the camera feature that allows you to hover over a written text, and it will automatically translate it for you. (Kind of creepy, but really amazing at the same time!) What's also a great feature is the conversation button. This button can allow two speakers of differe

5 of my Favorite Books to Welcome ELLs Back to School

Books are one of the most powerful ways to have discussions and bring up topics that build community. Below you will find 5 of my favorite that will specifically help English language learners feel welcomed, appreciated, and understood. 1.Carmen Learns English By: Judy Cox I came across this at the library last year and completely fell in love! It is the perfect book to read with newcomers or beginner ELLs and for them to see their fears and worries are understood! Click here to get a copy! 2. Alma By: Juana Martinez-Neal Many times students come to the US and feel worried about their name and how people will pronounce it, but this book helps to bring a beautiful message about where Alma's n

6 Truths I Didn't Learn Until I Lived Abroad!

Summer is the time for traveling and experiencing new cultures, and even though I would consider myself a pretty experienced traveler, there were a few truths I never realized until I lived in another country and worked with people from other cultures. Check out these 6 truths below and let me know if you are as surprised as I was when I came across them! 1. Animals make different sounds in other languages. I know this is kind of a funny truth, but it is one that still cracks me up! I came across this when I was reading a bilingual book we had of Clifford on the Farm. We read it through in English with all the familiar animal sounds that I had grown up with, but then when I read it in Spanis


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