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Student Engagement Series: Inside/Outside Circles

Are you looking for a way to have your students practice academic vocabulary with one another in an engaging and interactive way? Watch or read below about one of my favorite vocabulary strategies for a whole group setting. Overview: The Inside/Outside Circle is one of my ”go to” strategies for vocabulary practice! It is a great way for all students to be active participants and bring their own ideas to the discussion. Materials: -Vocabulary Notecards -Expectation Poster -Observation Form How it works: This strategy can be used after any lesson, when you want to reinforce ideas and vocabulary that was taught. 1.After you finish a lesson, pass out a blank notecard or the vocabulary notecard t

Student Engagement Series: Think-Pair-Share and 3 Ways to Make it More Meaningful.

Think-Pair-Share is one of my favorite "go-to" strategies to get students talking and engaged with the lesson. It is so simple to implement and can be used in any subject or age level. Here's a breakdown of how Think-Pair-Share works: (You can also find a FREE handy cheat sheet below with all the info you need to smoothly run this strategy in your classroom!) Overview: Think-Pair-Share is an excellent way to provide authentic opportunities for your students to engage during lessons and process out loud the information that you are teaching. Materials: No materials are required but here are some optional materials: -Visual cues -Expectation Poster -Observation Form How does it work: The beaut


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