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5 Ways to Welcome Second Language Parents into your Classroom

Living in a foreign country has been challenging in so many ways, but at the same time, it has helped me walk in the shoes of second language students and parents. We recently enrolled our 3-year-old daughter in a local preschool here in Panama, and the only language spoken by all the teachers is Spanish. I have taken years of Spanish and should be fluent, but I still mess up verb conjugations or use feminine when I should use masculine, and so communicating with other adults in Spanish in a more formal setting makes me extremely nervous. All this to say, it's given me a new perspective into the struggles parents of our second language learners face when they come into the classroom, so I wa

Spotlight on: Heart's Cry Ministries

Heart’s Cry Children’s Ministry is a Christian organization that advocates and takes care of orphans in Panama. Their three main missions are to offer free adoption & family services, provide volunteers for local orphanages and the creation of the first special needs orphanage in Panama called Casa Providencia. Heart’s Cry Family Services helps local families through the adoption and foster care process by providing legal advising and psychological services and training at no cost. Moreover, their orphan care ministry develops programs to support the fifty-five orphanages located around the country of Panama. Finally, Casa Providencia, the first special needs orphanage of Panama, inaugurated


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