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How to Revamp Your Classroom Management with One Simple Strategy

Classroom discipline and management had always been something that came natural for me and I was blessed to have wonderful role models during student teaching and the early years to see classroom management ideas that worked, but it was until 5 years into my teaching that one stuffed animal changed my classroom management for good! First, there are obviously two huge factors that will help you find the classroom management and discipline plan that works for you... your personality and your student’s personality. What works perfectly for one group may fail horribly with another, BUT I will tell you that this plan worked for 3 years of students WITHOUT FAIL! So what is it? Well, when I moved t

How to Create an Authentic Classroom Community

It is a natural desire for teachers to plan out the layout of the classroom, the décor, the rules, and more. Structure is a good thing, but what if we left a little room for the students to take ownership over a part of their classroom? What if instead of having set rules for the students to follow, the students actually take part in the rule making process? What if we, as teachers, create opportunities for students to learn about one another's similarities and differences in an accepting and encouraging environment? When I have implemented these activities into my classroom, an authentic classroom community began forming immediately and flourished throughout the year. So how do we start the


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