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5 Ways Inspiring Young Learners Can Help YOU!

“Come to get inspired, Leave ready to Inspire Young Learners.” Teaching is by far the most difficult profession and continues to become more demanding each year! One of the main reasons I began this journey was to be able to help educators who are overwhelmed, unsupported, and in need of great curriculum! I was that overwhelmed teacher and it just seemed like the piles kept adding on but nothing was being taken off. You can trust that Inspiring Young Learners keeps the teacher in mind to help ease the burden, give you the support you need, and keep prep time to a minimum so you can check off other things on your to do list! Here are 5 ways Inspiring Young Learners will help support YOU! 1. H

How do I begin supporting my ELL students?

Whether you are a mainstream homeroom teacher or a pull out ELL support teacher, the question always arises on how best to support ELL students. This can be a very difficult task to do because ELL students can enter your classroom at all different levels of language and academic proficiency, so before we get to how do we support ELL's let's first look at the different levels of ELL students that you may have in your classroom. Over the next few weeks we will breakdown each level of ELL students so that you know what to look for, how to support them, and what to expect for them to accomplish! #ELL

5 Ways to Welcome ELL Newcomers

In all the teaching experiences I have had, I have always had a student in my classroom that was an ELL Newcomer. What is a newcomer student?A newcomer is a student that has little to no English and is most likely new to the country. At first, the task of figuring out how best to support these sweet students is daunting, but over time I have developed a love and passion to welcome newcomers from day 1! Below you will find some easy and practical tips to help you welcome your Newcomer student and help them start off on the right foot. Here are my 5 favorite ways to welcome newcomers: 1. Smile... A LOT! Imagine you are in a new country, where you do not speak the language at all and have to go


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